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Welcome to Tooth Protectors

Specializing in Preventative Care within Maine Communities and Schools

Tooth Protectors Inc. increases access to dental hygiene care to all Maine families. We are dedicated to education as a means of prevention.

Tooth Protectors Inc. is a Maine-based organization, with a team of insured, licensed, fingerprinted, registered, PHS (Public Health Status) dental hygienists. Our team travels throughout the state with portable equipment providing much needed preventative dental hygiene care.

We provide affordable, on-site, dental care in over 200 alternative settings such as schools, hospitals, WIC clinics, YMCA’s, preschools, daycares, nursing homes, pediatric and medical offices. With the shortage of dentists and the limited number of sites to access affordable dental care, Tooth Protectors increases access by providing clinics within local, Maine communities in alternative settings.

Our services will not only help improve oral health, but improve our patients’ confidence and self-esteem with a healthy smile for Maine’s future.